How To Find The Right Contractor

When building a new home or embarking on extensive home renovations, the services of a contractor are invaluable. Contractors coordinate the moving parts in complicated building and remodeling processes. They find and manage subcontractors, deal with payments to vendors, work with an architect if needed, purchase materials, and in general act as much-needed guides through the complex process of home building or remodeling. While contractors are easy to find, you want a good contractor—one who is not only legitimate, fair-dealing, and honest but one who is easy to work with and will carry your creative vision through to completion. Finding a contractor who is well-suited to both you and your project is key to the successful completion of the job.

Signs of a Good vs. Bad Contractor Good Contractor Clean record, within reason Responsive and punctual Listens to your ideas All hired work is accompanied with written contracts.

The Process of Finding a Contractor

Define Your Project

Before contacting any contractor, begin by defining the project in precise terms. For example, if you wish to build a house addition, drill further down into specifics that will help match the perfect contractor to this job. Is it meant to be a small addition such as a room bump-out? Or are you planning on a full-scale addition with bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas?

General contractors have areas of special expertise or interest that are often apparent when you research portfolios, photo galleries, and before-and-after images. The contractor may have a website featuring this information or third-party sites may feature the contractor, as well.